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3 Must-Try Make-Up Trends for a Fabulous Summer Season

Posted by FE on 5/28/2014
Summer season is fast approaching and it’s about time that we hand out our favorite makeup trends that are suitable for the scorching hot season ahead. It’s the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and be a bit more daring with your look without going over the top. Here are some of our must-try suggestions and the products that you can use to pull them off:

Making Sure Your Face is First

Posted by Liz on 5/8/2014
When you are putting on makeup in the morning you will find that your face can sometimes fight your rouge or your eye shadow. You look at it and find that your pores are wide open and clogged. Your forehead is a bumpy plane of existence that needs to be covered over and over and over again. You find yourself growing more and more frustrated with your look and find that the makeup you're using is beginning to find a stopping point in covering the blemishes and problems.

Eye Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Posted by FE on 5/2/2014
It may seem like glasses are the perfect way to disguise eyes, or at least hide imperfections. The truth is that glasses draw attention to eyes, and can even accentuate lines and shadows.
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