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How to Do Your Makeup in Five Minutes or Less

Posted by FE on 3/31/2014
Most women want to look amazing every day, but have little or no time for makeup. They are busy working corporate jobs, getting kids ready, making dinner, cleaning the house, baking cookies for school, and more. In fact, it’s amazing they get any sleep. Fortunately, with this small tutorial, any woman can still find time for makeup. It takes five minutes or less—promise!

Keeping Your Beauty Tools Clean

Posted by FE on 3/13/2014
Improperly or infrequently cleaned makeup tools spread bacteria to your face. Poorly maintained tools also are not as effective at doing a quality job. Fortunately, keeping your beauty tools clean does not require much investment of time or materials. Follow these simple guidelines in caring for your makeup tools, and keep both them and you looking great.
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