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Makeup Trends for Parties

Posted by FE on 2/28/2014
Every woman wants to look extra special during the holiday season. This will help her land the guy of her dreams or impress the one she already has. Even better, it will help her feel even more special about the person she is inside and out. Fortunately, looking fabulous is simple with a little makeup. While you can show up to the party wearing your everyday makeup look, you might want to consider some of these top holiday trends to catch the attention of all those that you encounter:

A Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

Posted by FE on 2/14/2014
Whether you are applying eye shadow, smudging eyeliner, putting on lipstick or powdering your face, choosing the right brush with the right bristles is the first step, and using the right strokes is the second. Use this quick guide to makeup brushes to be sure you are using each brush for its intended purpose.

Outsmart Aging Using the Right Products and Approaches

Posted by FE on 2/14/2014
If you want to look younger for your age and outsmart aging, then you need to pay attention to the right products and approaches. There’s no such thing as one product that can help you turn back or slow down time. One has to take a holistic approach that involves the mind and body. Here are some approaches that you can use if you plan to live long and look younger.
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