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3 Must-Try Make-Up Trends for a Fabulous Summer Season

Posted by FE on 5/28/2014
Summer season is fast approaching and it’s about time that we hand out our favorite makeup trends that are suitable for the scorching hot season ahead. It’s the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and be a bit more daring with your look without going over the top. Here are some of our must-try suggestions and the products that you can use to pull them off:

Making Sure Your Face is First

Posted by Liz on 5/8/2014
When you are putting on makeup in the morning you will find that your face can sometimes fight your rouge or your eye shadow. You look at it and find that your pores are wide open and clogged. Your forehead is a bumpy plane of existence that needs to be covered over and over and over again. You find yourself growing more and more frustrated with your look and find that the makeup you're using is beginning to find a stopping point in covering the blemishes and problems.

Eye Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Posted by FE on 5/2/2014
It may seem like glasses are the perfect way to disguise eyes, or at least hide imperfections. The truth is that glasses draw attention to eyes, and can even accentuate lines and shadows.

How to Do the Natural No Makeup Look

Posted by FE on 4/18/2014
If having to put makeup on in order to achieve a natural look, as if you are not wearing any makeup, sounds like a funny idea to you, you’re probably new to the world of makeup.

Tips on Creating the Picture-Perfect Smoky Eye

Posted by FE on 4/9/2014
The smoky eye is one of the most coveted make-up techniques for the eyes, yet is also among the hardest to perfect and conquer.

How to Do Your Makeup in Five Minutes or Less

Posted by FE on 3/31/2014
Most women want to look amazing every day, but have little or no time for makeup. They are busy working corporate jobs, getting kids ready, making dinner, cleaning the house, baking cookies for school, and more. In fact, it’s amazing they get any sleep. Fortunately, with this small tutorial, any woman can still find time for makeup. It takes five minutes or less—promise!

Keeping Your Beauty Tools Clean

Posted by FE on 3/13/2014
Improperly or infrequently cleaned makeup tools spread bacteria to your face. Poorly maintained tools also are not as effective at doing a quality job. Fortunately, keeping your beauty tools clean does not require much investment of time or materials. Follow these simple guidelines in caring for your makeup tools, and keep both them and you looking great.

Makeup Trends for Parties

Posted by FE on 2/28/2014
Every woman wants to look extra special during the holiday season. This will help her land the guy of her dreams or impress the one she already has. Even better, it will help her feel even more special about the person she is inside and out. Fortunately, looking fabulous is simple with a little makeup. While you can show up to the party wearing your everyday makeup look, you might want to consider some of these top holiday trends to catch the attention of all those that you encounter:

A Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

Posted by FE on 2/14/2014
Whether you are applying eye shadow, smudging eyeliner, putting on lipstick or powdering your face, choosing the right brush with the right bristles is the first step, and using the right strokes is the second. Use this quick guide to makeup brushes to be sure you are using each brush for its intended purpose.

Outsmart Aging Using the Right Products and Approaches

Posted by FE on 2/14/2014
If you want to look younger for your age and outsmart aging, then you need to pay attention to the right products and approaches. There’s no such thing as one product that can help you turn back or slow down time. One has to take a holistic approach that involves the mind and body. Here are some approaches that you can use if you plan to live long and look younger.

The Secret to Beautiful Eyebrows

Posted by F E on 1/30/2014
Have you ever looked at red carpet photos of celebrities and wondered what the secret behind their amazing brows is? You are not the only one. In fact, many lust after their bold, beautiful, and nearly perfect brows. After all, when your brows look good, your eyes look even better.

Quick Tips to Refresh Your Look With Fuller Lips

Posted by FE on 1/24/2014
Obtaining fuller lips is easier than you may believe. Simple products that you already have at home can temporarily plump your lips, as can affordable products at your nearest makeup counter or drugstore. Try one of these options, or incorporate all of them into your repertoire for fuller lips on demand.

How to Brighten Your Eyes for a Date

Posted by FE on 12/24/2013
Going on a date is the perfect reason to get all dolled up. Put on some lipstick, apply rouge and, most important of all, brighten your eyes to make them shine. With the right tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to have your date gazing into your eyes all night.

Tips for Creating Beautiful Lips

Posted by FE on 12/9/2013
Lipstick is one of the most important parts of your daily makeup routine. Even women who do not wear a lot of makeup often choose to add a bit of lipstick to brighten their faces. Lipstick highlights the mouth and draws a lot of visual attention, so it is important to understand how to best use lipstick to create beautiful lips.

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Shades for Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

Posted by FE on 11/22/2013
Eye shadow has the ability to complete your look and make you appear finished, polished and beautiful. Your choice of eye shadow allows you to make a beauty statement that everyone remembers. Go for a bold look or keep it subtle. The right eye shadow for your skin tone and hair color ensures you look your best.

Essential Products for a Lighter, Younger Appearance

Posted by FE on 11/18/2013
Employ simple makeup tricks to achieve a younger appearance without resorting to expensive surgical procedures. Along with a healthy diet and the proper amount of water, you can enlist the use of essential makeup products to maintain and obtain a brighter and more youthful appearance. Read on to learn about the products that you need and how to apply them for a youthful appearance today.

Create Your Best Look for an Evening out on the Town

Posted by FE on 11/14/2013
Fashion is as much about the way you express yourself through shades of makeup and choice of fragrance as it is about shoes, clothing and purses. Create your best look for an evening out on the town by relying on a beauty arsenal stocked with unique colors and trusted brands of makeup.
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