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Skin Protection Guide for City Dwellers

Posted by febeauty on 5/13/2015 to Beauty Tips
If you live in a city, you know all too well just how badly air pollution damages your skin. The truth of the matter is that city dwellers have got to protect their skin from dirty air each and every day. 

Battle Summertime Frizz

Posted by FE Beauty on 4/24/2015 to Beauty Tips
Not everyone is born with great hair. In fact, many of us aren’t. The summer months are approaching and unless you live in Arizona, bad hair days are on the way. What’s a girl to do? Depending on the type of hair you have sprouting from your scalp, coping with the summer humidity can be a daunting task to keep from looking and feeling frazzled.

5 Tips for Packing Makeup for Traveling

Posted by FE Beauty on 4/10/2015 to General
Unless you want to go full-on backpacker and go grungy, you probably need an army of cosmetics to help you look great in pictures and in person. Depending on how long you will be away, your beauty pouch may end up a carry-on on its own, or just a teeny afterthought if you have plenty of ‘multi-taskers’ you can bring without missing out on looking great. To help you keep your bags within limit, below are five tips you may want to keep in mind the next time you pack for your trip.

Basic DIY Makeup Tips to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Posted by FE on 3/26/2015 to Beauty Tips
Perhaps you're having your graduation picture taken in school today. Or maybe you have a scheduled professional photoshoot at work which will be used for marketing purposes of the company. It could also be that you're preparing for a DIY prenuptial photoshoot. For all these and other similar photoshoot sessions that you wish to get ready for, it's essential for you to have an idea about the basic makeup tips that will make you look a lot better on camera.

Morning Skincare Regimen for Working Women

Posted by FE Beauty on 3/14/2015 to Beauty Tips
While night-time is considered a time to indulge in some of life pleasures like soaking in skin-nourishing oils and other aromatics topped with late-night DVD marathon, the early morning is often characterized by a rushed shower, speedy makeup session and a poorly cleaned face. The result is incomplete cleanup and preparation for the face and body, making these prone to skin-related problems brought by the sun and other unwanted elements like soot, pollutants, smoke and smog. And when these pollutants are left unchecked, these can cause skin problems and may fast-track skin aging.

Anti-Aging Makeup Essentials for Younger-Looking Skin

Posted by FE on 3/9/2015 to Beauty Tips

If you are presently in your mid-forties or above and some wrinkles and fine lines are starting to show on your face, then you're probably on the lookout for reliable anti-aging makeup that can help you achieve beautiful and younger-looking skin.

Indeed modern makeup can do a lot of wonders these days. So how do you know which ones to stock up on for your daily use? We've come up with the list of fundamentals to save you time.

Fragrance for Your Office- Know What Works

Posted by FE Beauty on 2/20/2015 to General
For many women, wearing fragrance forms part of a daily regimen to prepare oneself to face the world with charm and confidence. Whether it’s a date with friends or a potential contract-signing with a client, a hint of fragrance to complete the look for the day provides women with an opportunity to put forward their brand. Using fragrance, if done the right way can serve as a tool for women when it comes to branding. But when used irresponsibly and in the wrong situations, an expensive fragrance will ultimately turn into a liability.

De-stress Your Skin

Posted by FE Beauty on 1/26/2015 to Beauty Tips
I got old way before my time. The skin around my eyes was as dry as tissue paper and felt just as fragile. Gravity decided it was time wreak havoc on my jawbone as my cheeks fought to stay where they were 30 years ago.

Handy Makeup Tips

Posted by Febeauty on 1/23/2015 to Beauty Tips
Women have been wearing makeup since time immemorial and even today, the scenario is the same. Moderation, quality, balance and harmony are the keys to using makeup. Here are a few handy makeup tips from cosmetic makeup artists.

Makeup Guide for Older Women

Posted by febeauty on 1/3/2015 to Beauty Tips
As you age, your skin care and makeup regimes need to change just as you do. And, no matter how many years you have been on the planet, you deserve to look your best at all times. Thankfully, it is easy for women to keep on shinning regardless of their age as long as you know a few basic skin care and makeup tips for older women. 

The Stages of Scents

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 12/18/2014

There are different stages in a woman’s life, and as they go through each stage their sense of fashion may change, as well as their sense of scent.  Favorite perfumes are often replaced throughout the years.

6 Make Up Tricks to Make You Look Refreshed

Posted by FE Beauty on 12/3/2014 to Beauty Tips
Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc to a person's health in many ways, especially to the body's largest organ, the skin. Even one sleepless night can translate into one dull skin the morning after. But what if you've had far too many, especially when you are about to meet your date, give a report before a panel, appear for an interview, or simply look like you are not a walking zombie? Keep these make up tricks up your sleeves and you will never look like you are about to doze off just when you need to be fully awake (or appear to be).

Why Should You Wear Lip Liner?

Posted by FE on 11/23/2014 to Beauty Tips

A lot of women don't really see the sense of wearing lip liner. Why is it essential, anyway? It's just added effort for those who don't really like to spend a long time dolling their faces up with makeup. There are also those who don't appreciate what it can contribute to their look.

Guess what? Makeup experts certainly recommend the use of lip liners for the following reasons:

Winter Makeup Tips

Posted by FE Beauty on 11/11/2014 to Beauty Tips
Let’s just say, from the very beginning, that there are people out there who won’t find anything useful in this article. We’re not talking about the people with perfect facial features, or with perfect skin complexion, or the people who have never had a zit in their life. Nope, we’re talking about the people who live in areas that don’t have such a drastic difference between the winter and the rest of the year. If, on the other hand, you find yourselves preparing winter coats and boots come November, you’ll find these winter makeup tips very useful.

Fashion Week Has Spoken

Posted by FE Beauty on 10/25/2014 to Fashion
The catwalks have been clawed and the designers have decided. The Spring 2015 hair and make-up trends are now trending.

Introducing Your Tween To Make-Up And Skin Care Essentials

Posted by FE Beauty on 9/22/2014 to Beauty Tips
Fitting in is one of the most important things in a young girl’s life. Experimenting with make-up is a way for her to express herself, especially if she’s not one to sit down and chat about her feelings. It will also give you a little insight as to the kind of friends she’s spending her time with.

The Best Makeup Techniques For Job Interviews

Posted by FE Beauty on 9/18/2014 to Beauty Tips
You’ve scored the interview using clear concise language in your cover letter, and your resume is perfect, but in order to get the job, you must focus on putting your best face forward.

When Painting Is Makeup

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/28/2014 to General
Body painting is becoming more and more common to see out in the real world. More and more people are trying out this latest craze and it is making for some very interesting and crazy designs. 

Brief History of Cosmetics and Makeup

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/21/2014 to Fashion
The history of cosmetics and makeup goes back several thousand years.

Effective Eye Makeup Techniques

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/8/2014 to Beauty Tips
For many years, women have been defining their eyes with various eye makeup products. Even today, women are using makeup to accentuate their eyes.

Makeup Tricks for a Younger-Looking and More Fabulous You

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/1/2014 to Beauty Tips
As women reach a certain age, putting in the effort to look youthful and vibrant is a great investment in time and energy. Appearance has always been linked to self-esteem: Looking good can boost confidence and, as recent studies about the relationship between beauty and success suggest, even opens doors to opportunities only available to those who pass the first impressions test. So how do you knock off a few years off your face with only colors and brushes?

Don't Make These Mistakes!

Posted by FE Beauty on 7/19/2014
Many of us have learned over the years that putting on makeup is as much a science as it is art.

Are You Guilty of Blush Fail?

Posted by FE Beauty on 7/3/2014
We’ve all been able to spot when someone is wearing too much blush: They walk around, behaving as if nothing is distinctive about their appearance, when all the while they look like a clown at the circus.

Makeup Tips for Brides

Posted by FE on 6/7/2014
Summer is here, and so is the season for weddings. Brides have a million things to worry about but makeup is one thing she should not have to concern themselves with. Once on, she should not have to worry about looking her best all day on her special day or how she will look in her photographs.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Posted by FE on 6/6/2014
Similar to the way in which musical notes make up a song, and various shades of colors come together to form a beautiful painting, fragrance notes are necessary components.
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