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Winter Makeup Tips

Posted by FE Beauty on 11/11/2014 to Beauty Tips

Let’s just say, from the very beginning, that there are people out there who won’t find anything useful in this article. We’re not talking about the people with perfect facial features, or with perfect skin complexion, or the people who have never had a zit in their life. Nope, we’re talking about the people who live in areas that don’t have such a drastic difference between the winter and the rest of the year. If, on the other hand, you find yourselves preparing winter coats and boots come November, you’ll find these winter makeup tips very useful.

Believe it or not, our skin tends to be driest during winter, mostly due to indoor heating. And while it’s important for you to moisturize regularly during the whole year, your skin will need additional moisture during winter more than during other seasons. So, you should make sure you moisturize your skin daily, and never forget to give your lips some attention as well - they need moisture, too.

Speaking of lips, if you can’t manage to keep them from cracking, you can always try to cover it with a darker lip balm. The balm itself will have a positive effect on the skin on your lips, as it will help trap some moisture in it, and the darker color will make the cracks less visible.

Also, you should be aware that you’ll probably lose the beautiful tan your skin got during the summer. Your skin will become lighter, and you’ll need to adjust your makeup accordingly. Eye shadow and lipstick, for example, should be matched with your skin color, and when the color of your skin changes, so should the color of the makeup you’re using. Also, if you want to hold on to the tanned look a bit longer, a good bronzer can go a long way.

The final tip would be to use waterproof eye makeup. During winter, especially if it’s windy, our eyes tend to tear up, which will show on the makeup as well. So, if you’re suffering from wind-related teary eyes, waterproof makeup will help keep everything as it should be.

As you can see, a winter makeup routine is consists of equal parts of good skin care and trick that used to hide all the bad things that come with winter. We didn’t tell what makeup styles are best for the winter, because that is all up to you. Still, whichever style you prefer, these tips will help you pull it off without fear of runny makeup, cracked lips, or paleness ruining it.