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Why Should You Wear Lip Liner?

Posted by FE on 11/23/2014 to Beauty Tips

A lot of women don't really see the sense of wearing lip liner. Why is it essential, anyway? It's just added effort for those who don't really like to spend a long time dolling their faces up with makeup. There are also those who don't appreciate what it can contribute to their look.

Guess what? Makeup experts certainly recommend the use of lip liners for the following reasons:

Defining the Lips

When you outline your lips, you get to define them better. This can bring more attention to your lips, if this idea appeals to you. If your lips are shaped very nicely, you'll be able to highlight this asset and make your entire face seem more attractive. But if you think your lips are not formed quite well or seem so ordinary and dull, then wearing lip liner can change that. You can somehow modify how they look, to your beauty advantage!

Looking More Attractive

If you haven't had a good professional makeup artist work on your face, you should! This way, you'll see how they make use of the lip liner in making you more gorgeous. You can ask for tips too, such as what colors would work best with your lips and with the colors of lipsticks you usually wear.

Indeed lip liner can make your lips appear fuller and definitely sensual. If you would like to draw the attention of the apple of your eye, this will help. And do you know that men whose eyes are drawn to women's lips often think of kissing? So there you go, if that's something you'd like to accomplish!

Of course if you have thin lips and you wish for them to look fuller, you should still avoid going overboard with thickening the outline of your lips because it might end up looking unnatural. As a standard, it's always good too to have a basic mauve or taupe in a lighter shade, to suit natural lips more.

Avoiding the Mess

Some kids like to trace lines of a figure first with the crayon they will use before shading the entire space inside. The same concept works with lip liners. They are great for allowing you to put on your lipstick perfectly, without any mess on the edges. You won't risk going beyond the lines, after all.

Indeed a lip liner should be part of your makeup kit basics. Just practice applying it many times so that you'll get the right method of achieving the natural look. And if you're one of those concerned about the extra time and effort it will take, keep in mind that it never hurts to still stock up on one that you can use for special occasions and when the situation calls for a boost of beauty and appeal!