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When Painting Is Makeup

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/28/2014 to General

Body painting is becoming more and more common to see out in the real world. More and more people are trying out this latest craze and it is making for some very interesting and crazy designs that many people would think that normal makeup wouldn't be able to pull off. This is a bit of a misnomer, you see body painting is really another form of makeup. The paints that the people use to paint their bodies is made specifically to work on human skin since traditional paint would probably kill someone at the amounts that these artists use on their model's body.

In many ways body painting is another form of makeup. Now there are huge differences between body painting and simply applying mascara but they use the same principles. Both are meant to emphasize a specific part of the body and draw the eye away from other portions of the body. You'll find that many of these body models are like a walking canvas. The best body painters in the world will make any model appear to be clothed or be seen as something else entirely. In some ways body painting is as much about using the body to display work as it is to make the body less sexual and seen as simply an object. When done right, you don't see makeup or a person, you see what the artist wants you to see.

You'd think that makeup artists aren't at all similar, but you would be wrong. Makeup artists, at least the ones for the movies, are there to make their work appear invisible. If they do the job right you will not notice their work, but if they do it wrong, you'll notice that an actors lips might appear off putting by how red they appear. When they are doing a character's makeup the performer's body becomes a canvas and you should only see the character they are playing and not the performer themselves.