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Tips on Creating the Picture-Perfect Smoky Eye

Posted by FE on 4/9/2014

The smoky eye is one of the most coveted make-up techniques for the eyes, yet is also among the hardest to perfect and conquer. It calls for the right combination of makeup, as well as the basic techniques and methods. Don’t worry because all you need to do is a bit of practicing with these tips, which come straight from the make-up experts:


Top & Backwards: Professionals suggest that you start with the highlight color to be applied to the brow bone. Then proceed to apply the darker shades on the lid. This will result to better and cleaner layering of colors. Afterward, you can then apply the medium color starting from the brow bone where your highlight ends, to where your crease begins. Blend the tones using a windshield wiper motion, but be sure to not go beyond the highlight color. Cap off the look with the darkest shade closest to the lash line, and then blend once again.


Eye Pencil Use: If you’re looking to intensify your smoky eyes, you can use eye pencil as a base. Apply it on the upper lash line and use the eye shadow to blend it all together. You can also apply on the lower lash line and slightly extend it on the side, to get that smoky cat-eye look.


Smudge: The key to achieving the perfect smoky eye is to smudge and blend away. You can use different types of brush to do the trick, but you can also settle on just your fingers to blend and spread the shades.


After applying all the colors, make sure that your shading is balanced for both eyes. You can also add in some touches of the highlight color on top, in order to make the darker shades become more prominent. Clean up excess smudges and dirt around using a tissue.


Do take note that this is mainly for an evening look. For a daytime smoky eye, you can simply play with the dark eye shadow or eye pencil and apply it very close to the lash lines. This will result to a more subtle and less harsher smoky eye finish.