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The Stages of Scents

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 12/18/2014

There are different stages in a woman’s life, and as they go through each stage their sense of fashion may change, as well as their sense of scent.  Favorite perfumes are often replaced throughout the years.

For teen girls, their peers often influence the scents they choose.  Whatever the current rage is dictates what they wear.  Once in their twenties, many young women choose their favorite scents from television and print ads.  The hotter the celebrities are in the ads, the more popular the perfume.

Oftentimes, when a woman hits the ripe old age of thirty, she goes through a little funk.  Perhaps that’s why women in that age group prefer feel good scents; a pleasant little something that makes them smile.

Women in their forties tend to let their significant other influence the perfume they wear.  Once women hit midlife, they're all about pleasing their own perfume palates once again and tend to lean toward scents that are warm and uplifting, while more mature women rely on scents they've been given and complimented on in the past.

No matter the stage you are in life, FE Beauty has a perfume with a scent that will suit you.