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The Secret to Beautiful Eyebrows

Posted by F E on 1/30/2014
Have you ever looked at red carpet photos of celebrities and wondered what the secret behind their amazing brows is? You are not the only one. In fact, many lust after their bold, beautiful, and nearly perfect brows. After all, when your brows look good, your eyes look even better.
Unfortunately, it is not always easy to have perfect brows. Unlike what people think, you are not simply born with this amazing feature. Instead, you have to know how to enhance it with the right tools. Fortunately, the following information can help your brows look more like they belong on the red carpet:

Stop Over-Plucking
The best thing you can do for your brows is to stop over-plucking them. Most celebrities have fuller brows. This is not because they were born with brows as thick as the ones on Brook Shields. Instead, it is because they rarely tweeze. Generally, they only pluck the stray hairs that are far outside the natural shape of their brows. This habit promotes healthy, thick brows that properly frame your eye shape. When you pluck too much, you can easily thin your brows and prevent the hairs from growing back.
Get Them Groomed by Someone You Trust
If you do get your brows groomed, make sure you trust the person who is doing it. Although brow waxing is most common, many people like threading. If you do get your brows threaded, make sure the person does not take too much bulk off your brows. When this happens, you will end up having to fill it back in with makeup, and the result will be less natural looking.
Fill Them in Correctly
Finally, fill in your brows correctly. A thin brow pencil will allow you to create small hairs within the shape of your brow. This is much better than filling the entire eyebrow in. When you do this, you can end up looking harsh.
Try these tips today to transform your brows. In no time, your brows will make the impact you are looking for.