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The Best Makeup Techniques For Job Interviews

Posted by FE Beauty on 9/18/2014 to Beauty Tips

You’ve scored the interview using clear concise language in your cover letter, and your resume is perfect, but in order to get the job, you must focus on putting your best face forward.

Studies have shown that interviewers often make up his or her mind within the first five minutes of meeting you. In order to make sure you win your interviewer over in those crucial first minutes, follow these simple and common-sense tactics. You want to be remembered for your ideas and your ability to do the job in question. Don’t give them any reason to think you’re not the best candidate for the job.

Look the part. Dress professionally in a skirt or slacks paired with a matching or complementary jacket. You can’t expect to be seen as a professional if you don’t dress like one.

Unless you plan to work in a clown factory, go easy on the make-up. Your interviewer wants to see you for who you are. You want your eyes to stand out, but try to keep it subtle. Too much, and the interviewer won’t be listening to what you have to say, but instead will remember the gaudy outline around your eyes, not really seeing who you are and not really caring about what you say. Subtle metallic and smoky shades around the eyes can highlight your features and show that you’re current and fashionable while still maintaining an air of professionalism.

On your lips, wear a shade that complements your features and skin tone. Use a good quality product that won’t smudge or flake off, or god forbid end up on your teeth as if you just swished with a glass of really bad red wine.

Keep the scents to a minimum. You might think your favorite fragrance smells really fabulous, but it might be overpowering to your interviewer. Worse, he or she may even have an allergic reaction to it. If you feel naked without your signature notes and feel it’s absolutely necessary, then spritz a little in the air in front of you and step into it.

Job interviewing is tough. It takes more than just knowledge, confidence, and capability to get the job. The market is unforgiving, and so is the competition. But with these simple rules, you might find it’s not as hard as it seems.