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Quick Tips to Refresh Your Look With Fuller Lips

Posted by FE on 1/24/2014
Obtaining fuller lips is easier than you may believe. Simple products that you already have at home can temporarily plump your lips, as can affordable products at your nearest makeup counter or drugstore. Try one of these options, or incorporate all of them into your repertoire for fuller lips on demand.

A well-chosen lipstick or lip gloss coupled with the right lip liner plumps your lips instantly if correctly applied. Apply a dramatic red or deep pink lip color first, and then apply a red or pink lip liner that is slightly deeper than your natural lip shade along your lip border. Be sure to blend it well to prevent an obvious distinction between the lip liner and lip color. Completely blending these two products creates noticeably pronounced lips in minutes' time. 

Exfoliation is necessary for facial skin health, and a benefit of this procedure is that your lips are also temporarily plumped. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from your lips and stimulates blood flow to the area, which results in a swelling of which you can take advantage. Be sure to always moisturize your lips after exfoliation to avoid dry and crackled lips. Use a mud mask or sugar paste for a quick way to naturally exfoliate your lips.

There are more intense procedures available to achieve fuller lips, such as lip-plumping glosses and lip augmentation, but these options are temporary as well. With any choice, be sure that your skin reacts positively to it, and realize that any choice overdone does more harm than good to your lips.