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Making Sure Your Face is First

Posted by Liz on 5/8/2014
When you are putting on makeup in the morning you will find that your face can sometimes fight your rouge or your eye shadow. You look at it and find that your pores are wide open and clogged. Your forehead is a bumpy plane of existence that needs to be covered over and over and over again. You find yourself growing more and more frustrated with your look and find that the makeup you're using is beginning to find a stopping point in covering the blemishes and problems.

What if we said you didn't have to deal with this madness anymore? What if we said you could take care of your face without having to go deep into your wallet for expensive prescription?

Well, it's true, and it is as simple as putting your face first. When we say this we mean that many times when we are makeup shopping we are looking at the color, the tone, and forget about the canvas that the color is being applied on to; aka, your face. Most of the time we get these crazy blemishes because of allergies. A lot of cheaper makeup is made of low quality items that many of us are allergic toward. Putting these chemically rich resources on your face can clog your pores easily and make it so your face only compounds more and more clogging as you move forward during the week. 

Yes, many products help remove these chemicals from your face, but if you keep reapplying these harmful chemicals to your face you will continue to have the same problem. We want you to have a beautiful face while keeping your sanity, so we implore you to make your face first and figure out the allergies you have and to make sure you have the best makeup on the market available to you at a low price.