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Makeup Tricks for a Younger-Looking and More Fabulous You

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/1/2014 to Beauty Tips
As women reach a certain age, putting in the effort to look youthful and vibrant is a great investment in time and energy. Appearance has always been linked to self-esteem: Looking good can boost confidence and, as recent studies about the relationship between beauty and success suggest, even opens doors to opportunities only available to those who pass the first impressions test. So how do you knock off a few years off your face with only colors and brushes?

Conceal wrinkles

Wrinkles are understandably the bane of women reaching a certain age. Wrinkles also have a habit of turning up in places that are difficult to hide. Crow’s feet and laugh lines, for example, are a challenge to conceal, unless you go the minimalist route to prevent make up foundations from seeping into the creases.

To artfully hide these ‘badges of ageing,’ moisturize first and apply some primer to help even the skin so the foundation looks smooth all over. You can also mix your primer with your foundation and gently brush it across your face (some prefer the use of sponges – try both methods and see which works best for you.)

Liven up the eyes

The eyes naturally look older as they lose their brightness. They can also look less stellar by darkened circles and small stretches of crow’s feet, not to mention drooping eyelids. To bring your eyes back to life, use eye liners and eye shadows to shape the eyes and take attention away from hooded eyelids. Eyelash curlers and a coat of mascara are also necessary to emphasize the eye lashes and make them look fuller. You can also play up your eyebrows for a more dramatic effect. Use a good eyebrow pencil that complements your hair color, and add some powder to help it stay on longer.

Plump those lips

Lips lose their sheen, color and moisture as people age, and lipsticks help to make them look plumper and younger. However, most commercial lipsticks tend to seep into the vertical lines on and around the lips. To remedy this, use a lip pencil to line the borders of your upper and lower lip to keep it from ‘bleeding’ during the day. Also, use a lip brush when applying your lipstick, and use a fine, clear gloss for an inviting smile.