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Makeup Trends for Parties

Posted by FE on 2/28/2014

Every woman wants to look extra special on a night out in town or a party. This will help her land the guy of her dreams or impress the one she already has. Even better, it will help her feel even more special about the person she is inside and out. Fortunately, looking fabulous is simple with a little makeup. While you can show up to the party wearing your everyday makeup look, you might want to consider some of these top seasonal trends to catch the attention of all those that you encounter:

Red Lips

A classic makeup trend is red lips. It’s festive, timeless and it looks great on anyone. Generally, true reds or deeper reds are ideal shades of lip color to wear for the cold season. Try to avoid lipstick that has orange undertones. This might look too summery. Also, feel free to top your lipstick with lip-gloss.

Smokey Eyes

You can never go wrong with a smoky eye. In fact, some people like to pair a dramatic eye look with their red lip color. If you like this idea, be cautious so you don’t overdo it. Usually, it is best to focus your attention on one feature. Therefore, if you want your eyes to look extremely dramatic, consider a neutral lip color. Nudes and pinks are usually great options.


Finally consider adding some sparkle to your eyes. This might not be your everyday look, but it is definitely more festive. You can use a shadow with shimmer or go all out and wear a little bit of glitter; either will look great. The best shades for a party are usually gold or silver. When you are applying the eye shadow, use a damp brush so that they look more vibrant on your eyes. This technique also helps them to stay longer.

Have fun getting ready for your parties. With these tips, you will look absolutely beautiful and catch the attention of all the people you meet.