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How to Do the Natural No Makeup Look

Posted by FE on 4/18/2014

If having to put makeup on in order to achieve a natural look, as if you are not wearing any makeup, sounds like a funny idea to you, you’re probably new to the world of makeup. We are not all blessed with perfect skin and curly eyelashes, not to mention that we can’t all have perfect facial features, no matter how much we would like to. That’s why the natural look, which is all about looking fresh and healthy, needs to address at least some of imperfections that come with being a human.

The first thing you need to take care of when doing the natural look is your skin. There’s not a single makeup product out there that could – or should – replace regular use of skin moisturizer. When properly hydrated and moisturized, your skin will be soft and smooth, which should be the beginning point of any type of look you want to pull out – nothing beats smooth, soft skin.

The next thing you’ll need is a concealer – but don’t go overboard with it. Use it only where you need it – if you have any blemishes or dark rings around your eyes. The foundation is usually the next step – but try to stir away from powders, and instead think about creams, as you don’t want your skin to look too matte – skin is rarely matte naturally. Also, you will not need a layer of foundation over your whole face – instead, use it only over the oilier parts of your face, and to even out your skin tone. After that, you’ll need a bit of bronzer of blush – but as with everything else, you don’t want to overdo it if you want to look natural.

Now, for the eyes and lips, the natural look usually means there’s very little you should do. Whatever you do, don’t try to draw out your eyebrows. Instead, make sure they are plucked and groomed properly, so you don’t need to hide or add anything by applying makeup. Your lashes will not need more than a single coat of mascara, and your eyes will not need any eye shadow. For your lips, forget about lipstick and think lip gloss in the natural tone of your lips.