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How to Brighten Your Eyes for a Date

Posted by FE on 12/24/2013
Going on a date is the perfect reason to get all dolled up. Put on some lipstick, apply rouge and, most important of all, brighten your eyes to make them shine. With the right tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to have your date gazing into your eyes all night.

The first step to brightening your eyes is eliminating dark discoloration. This is sometimes due to dark circles, but you may have uneven skin tones on your eyelids. Apply a concealer around the affected eye area. Use a concealer with yellow coloration for this step. Selecting a powder that is made with vitamins and minerals restores your skin while evening out your skin tone.

Next, select an eye shadow that complements your eye color. While it is tempting to go with dark, smoky eyes, this does not always provide the brightest look. Light eyes do well with warmer shades of eye shadow. Dark eyes do well with bronze but also look beautiful with colors like green. Long-lasting eye shadow provides an all-day look without the need to reapply.

After applying your selected eye shadow, pump up your look by boosting your eyelashes. Use a quality mascara, and stick with a color like dark brown or black for the thickest looking lashes. You can also curl your eyelashes at this step.

Finally, if your eyes still need something extra to brighten them up, turn to white or another super-light shade of eyeliner. Line your bottom eyelid, also known as the waterline, with white eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Another simple trick is to apply a little white eye shadow in the corner of your eye. Do this sparingly, and make sure you blend it well.

There are many things you can do to make your eyes shine more brightly. Getting bright, beautiful eyes is not a hard task, and the process takes only minutes to complete. When making your product selections, always look for high-quality makeup. While the cost is greater, it provides much better results.