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Handy Makeup Tips

Posted by Febeauty on 1/23/2015 to Beauty Tips

Women have been wearing makeup since time immemorial and even today, the scenario is the same. Moderation, quality, balance and harmony are the keys to using makeup. Here are a few handy makeup tips from cosmetic makeup artists.

Buy quality makeup tools
It is important that you invest in professional makeup brushes as their mere touch can make things better. Be it makeup artist Unley or makeup artist Burnside, they make sure of using the best quality of makeup tools as they understand how these can enhance your beauty. 

Choose complementary makeup colors

Do not wear colors that make you look as if you are going to the circus. Go for colors that complement each other. You can refer to the magazine published by various makeup artists such as Hyde Park or any other places to see how things have been done. You can also refer to the internet for various ideas.

Choose the foundation properly according to your skin tone
Choosing the right foundation is the trickiest but at the same time most important as the entire thing depends on how you choose it. Make sure that you use a quality foundation that goes with your skin tone and complexion perfectly. Try it out if possible before buying it and make sure that you buy the right one.

Avoid wearing full makeup every day
You may love to wear makeup and it might be fun to wear everything starting from a foundation to the blush and everything else every day but think of the time that you have to invest for all of these and moreover too much of makeup is not good every day and might not even suit the place you are going to do. Try to keep it simple and fresh and something that can be done easily most of the days.The phrase less is more is still applicable when it comes to makeup. Go for natural hues that complement your skin tone and at the same time your attitude and personality. Powder, mascara blush is all that you need in the morning. Keep the crazy colors for the night

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