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5 Tips for Packing Makeup for Traveling

Posted by FE Beauty on 4/10/2015 to General
Unless you want to go full-on backpacker and go grungy, you probably need an army of cosmetics to help you look great in pictures and in person. Depending on how long you will be away, your beauty pouch may end up a carry-on on its own, or just a teeny afterthought if you have plenty of ‘multi-taskers’ you can bring without missing out on looking great. To help you keep your bags within limit, below are five tips you may want to keep in mind the next time you pack for your trip.

Fragrance for Your Office- Know What Works

Posted by FE Beauty on 2/20/2015 to General
For many women, wearing fragrance forms part of a daily regimen to prepare oneself to face the world with charm and confidence. Whether it’s a date with friends or a potential contract-signing with a client, a hint of fragrance to complete the look for the day provides women with an opportunity to put forward their brand. Using fragrance, if done the right way can serve as a tool for women when it comes to branding. But when used irresponsibly and in the wrong situations, an expensive fragrance will ultimately turn into a liability.

When Painting Is Makeup

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/28/2014 to General
Body painting is becoming more and more common to see out in the real world. More and more people are trying out this latest craze and it is making for some very interesting and crazy designs. 

Brief History of Cosmetics and Makeup

Posted by FE Beauty on 8/21/2014 to Fashion
The history of cosmetics and makeup goes back several thousand years.