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Fragrance for Your Office- Know What Works

Posted by FE Beauty on 2/20/2015 to General
For many women, wearing fragrance forms part of a daily regimen to prepare oneself to face the world with charm and confidence. Whether it’s a date with friends or a potential contract-signing with a client, a hint of fragrance to complete the look for the day provides women with an opportunity to put forward their brand. Using fragrance, if done the right way can serve as a tool for women when it comes to branding. But when used irresponsibly and in the wrong situations, an expensive fragrance will ultimately turn into a liability. So the challenge for young women professionals is to discover and understand the different fragrances that can work in an office environment. Also, it’s best to know the basic rules and office policy, if any. 

Test out a new fragrance before wearing it to work 

Always test first a new fragrance before wearing it to work. While experimentation can be bold and interesting, the results aren't always consistent. Experimenting with new scents every week in the workplace can alienate or even offend co-workers and management. 

Stay on the safe side and test out a particular fragrance the next time you visit the store. If the scent will fade away after a few hours, then the fragrance is light and can work inside any office environment. You don’t want to select a fragrance that remains on your skin for more than eight hours since this is strong and can upset the sensibilities of others. You can shop for fragrances with light notes or green notes when you want to remain fresh-smelling without offending a co-worker. Fragrances with light notes feature smaller molecules, thus will evaporate faster. So the next time you visit your favorite retailer, don’t forget to ask for fragrances with light notes like a citrusy scent and light floral including lily and jasmine. 

Check out office policy 

Offices have different policies when it comes to wearing scents in the workplace. For HR professionals, ‘modest scent’ is the way to go. And for some offices, the management have instituted actions that regulate not just the clothes but acceptable fragrances that can be worn at the office. The choice to institute scent restrictions can be attributed to health concerns of employees and workers. 

Wearing of fragrance is a delicate issue in an office environment, but this should not stop you from wearing one to shift your mood and establish your brand. Go light on your chosen fragrance- a touch, a dab and not a drench will do when you want to make a statement the next time you report to work.