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Fashion Week Has Spoken

Posted by FE Beauty on 10/25/2014 to Fashion
The catwalks have been clawed and the designers have decided. The Spring 2015 hair and make-up trends are now trending.

This spring, gaze into eyes enhanced in subtle hues of lavender, lined in bold and smoky grape, or shimmering in iced violet. Purple is the color of royalty, the color of power. While some designers claim that brows will be invisible come springtime, bleached to appear almost nonexistent, others are feeling that the big and bold power brow will be the way to go. Either way, everyone agrees that they’ll be colored in spring and summer pastels, bedecked in rings and piercings, and worn like accessories.

Black liner is always a mainstay, but the retro sixties cat’s eyes are out this spring. Instead, line the top eyelid starting in the middle and underline the lower lid in a thick yet clean, straight line. Some fashion gurus are calling this the “Anti Cat-Eye.”  For a sunnier disposition, swap out the black for shimmery golds, or bright graphic whites, and complete this hot look with thick, fat lashes.

Smooch in style wearing smudgy, brilliant reds, or rich and luscious berry tones. Neutralize those natural shades for bright oranges and daring crimson colors. Pucker up and give a sweet kiss to the return of the decade of decadence.

The face is the canvas that keeps it all together. This spring, do away with that pressed powder, pancake matte look. Faces this spring will be shimmery with sheen and a touch of dew. Frame that makeup masterpiece with a center-parted thick and shaggy bob or with Woodstock inspired waves. Say goodbye to high and tight tresses, and hello to the low pony and herringbone braid.

Every season designers salute the fashions of previous decades, reinventing style trends in innovative, new ways. Make a fresh statement and express yourself this spring with a nod and a glance back to the seventies, while looking forward into the future of fashion.