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Eye Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Posted by FE on 5/2/2014

It may seem like glasses are the perfect way to disguise eyes, or at least hide imperfections. The truth is that glasses draw attention to eyes, and can even accentuate lines and shadows. Although eye makeup can be subtle and simple, it should not be neglected.


Using a powder or mineral foundation rather than a liquid or cream will keep foundation from gathering where the glasses touch the skin on the bridge of the nose and the cheeks. Going one shade lighter than the skin under the eyes conceals shadows and dark circles.


Shadow colors need to complement both the eye color and the frame color, so warmer, neutral shades are best. Shimmery shadow also works well. A cream colored liner applied to the lower water line makes eyes really pop.


It is important for eyelashes to be curled so they do not rub against glasses. After curling, one to two coats of mascara should be applied and dried before putting glasses back on so no mascara ends up on the lenses. Smudge-proof mascara is the best choice for glasses-wearers.


Eyeliner should mimic frame thickness, so thin frames need a thin liner and thick frames should have a thicker, bolder line behind them. Wide frames allow for liner to extend past the corners of the eyes, but girls with narrower frames should apply the eyeliner to the lash line only. For girls who have issues with dark circles under the eyes, lining the lower lashes draws attention to the problem, and it is usually better to leave them unlined.


Eyebrows are a particularly important beauty feature for girls who wear glasses. Whether the glasses cover the brows or frame them, they are more noticeable. They should be trimmed and shaped carefully, and filled in with a pencil or shadow for a bold continuity. Applying a clear brow shaper after the color can keep messy brows in line.

The Entire Image

Setting off a bold pair of eyeglasses with a bright lip color looks great, but when lips and glasses are bright, simpler eye makeup works best. Makeup experts recommend skipping the shadow and applying a light liner and mascara.