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Essential Products for a Lighter, Younger Appearance

Posted by FE on 11/18/2013
Employ simple makeup tricks to achieve a younger appearance without resorting to expensive surgical procedures. Along with a healthy diet and the proper amount of water, you can enlist the use of essential makeup products to maintain and obtain a brighter and more youthful appearance. Read on to learn about the products that you need and how to apply them for a youthful appearance today. 

Lessen the aging appearances of dark circles under your eyes with a quality concealer. Use careful application of concealer to prevent dark circles from giving your face the appearance of being drawn downward. Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin color to avoid the contrast of dark circles on your face. Start with a peach or light pink color concealer, then use a slightly darker color if these are not effective. 

Apply a bright eye shadow to lighten the corners of your eyes. Counteract against the natural effects of aging in that area with a light-colored eye shadow to give your face a well-rested effect. Apply your eye shadow under your brow as well for similar effect. Take care not to over-apply shadow in this area to prevent directing negative attention to the corner and brow area of your eye. 

Apply blush to your cheeks to add color and glow to your cheekbones. Be sure to find the proper shade for your skin tone; experimentation is sometimes necessary. Use a cream or light pink color to begin, and choose slightly darker shades if you find it necessary. Take care not to over-apply to avoid the blush from settling into fine lines in your skin. 

Use a careful eye, patience and adequate lighting to achieve your desired results with these products. Achieving that perfect look requires some experimentation, but results are quickly achieved. Take care to avoid using too much of these products as well as using too little for a confident look every day.