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Don't Make These Mistakes!

Posted by FE Beauty on 7/19/2014
Many of us have learned over the years that putting on makeup is as much a science as it is art. While we may enjoy a number of different colors or shades, we have had to learn - often through trial and error - that our favorite colors don't always agree with our faces.

They might look better in our closets. 

And many of us may still believe that we are doing it right, but did you know there has been research that suggests that the majority of us are doing things wrong with our makeup? And how many of us believe that we are one of the "mistaken" ones? Pretty small, no?

There are some very common mistakes with makeup, and here, to help you look fab in the face, we present some of the common makeup mistakes that you should avoid:
  • Foundation. Don't use a foundation on your face that is a different shade (or color!) than your neck. One survey said that thee-fourths of women use the wrong foundation color. Why? Many test foundation on their hands, which is usually darker than the face or neck. Use a cotton swab along the jawline to sample foundation colors. The one that disappears into your skin is the right shade.
  • Lip liner. Don't use one that is darker than your lipstick. Go lighter or clear, or use a liner that complements your lipstick, not contrasts.
  • Mascara. Don't apply too much or mascara that is too old (it should only last about three months), because either way it will clump. And your mascara should be no more than three shades darker than your eyebrows. Your eyes should pop, not hide under a dark cloud.
  • Blending. Makeup is meant only to highlight good features and de-emphasize the bad; it is not meant to be shown off. So be careful about blending; start with the darkest part of your makeup and work toward the lightest. Buff and blend until you can't tell when the colors change.
  • Eyebrows. Don't overtweeze. Just keep them groomed and never let them get too long. If you get too picky about it, you could damage some of the hair and it may never grow back again. And that could be a bad look.
  • Concealer. If you use it under your eyes, choose a concealer that is only one shade lighter than your skin, and apply a very thin layer of foundation over it to blend it. 
  • Skin moisture. Don't apply foundation on over-moisturized skin. Use a light moisturizer and give it a few minutes to soak in before applying foundation. If your skin is dry, use a creamy moisturizer and let it soak in, and use a liquid foundation instead of powder.
  • Blush. Don't overwhelm. If you want to look flushed, smile and apply blush to the "apples" of your cheeks; if you want more structure, go along the cheekbone and blend upward toward the eye.
  • Pick a highlight. You can't accentuate your lips and cheeks or eyes; pick one, highlight it and prep the other parts of your face with more natural hues.
  • Going to bed. Never leave your makeup on overnight, no matter how little it is or how tired you are. Your skin needs the opportunity to breathe and recover while you're resting; leaving makeup on blocks pores and keeps the skin from releasing its dead cells.