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Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Shades for Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

Posted by FE on 11/22/2013
Eye shadow has the ability to complete your look and make you appear finished, polished and beautiful. Your choice of eye shadow allows you to make a beauty statement that everyone remembers. Go for a bold look or keep it subtle. The right eye shadow for your skin tone and hair color ensures you look your best. 

Consider your hair color when selecting the right eye shadow. Brunettes look best in jewel tones like emerald green or plum, while blondes have success with frosty browns, silvers and more muted tones. Do you change your hair color often? A smoky charcoal eye shadow looks great no matter what your hair color. Try Bobbi Brown's metallic eye shadow in black charcoal for a sultry look.

Consider skin tone when selecting eye shadow, too. If your skin is dark, try bright shades that do not get lost on your skin, and remember that effects like sparkle may be less dramatic for you. For fair skin, keep your eye shadow muted and choose shimmery bronze or peach tones. Blend your shadow carefully so you look natural. If you have warm skin tones, choose green, gold or pink, and don't be afraid of some sparkle! If your skin has cool tones, silver, blue or plum are the most complimentary for you. 

Whether you're looking to make a bold, fun statement or appear polished and professional, the right eye shadow choice is essential. Choosing an eye shadow that matches your skin tone and hair color ensures you look beautiful no matter what your style. Choose a palette of eye shadow colors that make the most of your features, and get noticed in the best way.