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Battle Summertime Frizz

Posted by FE Beauty on 4/24/2015 to Beauty Tips
Not everyone is born with great hair. In fact, many of us aren’t. The summer months are approaching and unless you live in Arizona, bad hair days are on the way. What’s a girl to do? Depending on the type of hair you have sprouting from your scalp, coping with the summer humidity can be a daunting task to keep from looking and feeling frazzled.

Thin hair is often a challenge in and of itself. Add even the slightest bit of humidity and it’s all over. Your hair lies limp and frizzy at the same time, and you look just as frazzled as your hair. You’ve tried smoothers and leave-in conditioners, but none of these seem to do the trick. What you need is to go a bit lighter, and use a product that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Instead of using a heavier cream-based product, use a lighter weight hair milk instead. A light-weight hair milk will not only keep the frizz to a minimum, it will also add body and shine to otherwise fine, limp hair.

Curly-topped women have an added challenge especially if their hair is fine. To lock in moisture and lock out humidity, try using a light silicone-free detangling spray. For fine hair, it’s important to remember that the less product you have in your hair, the better because fine hair can’t stand up to the weight of heavier products.

For those with encumbered with thick, course curls, your hair can be simply unruly. You look in the mirror and see Medusa staring back at you, feeling like your rebellious curls could turn you to stone. Try using a bamboo paddle brush with a curl defining cream. The brush will loosen and detangle even the unruliest of knots while the defining cream will give your curls some serious shine.

Even ladies with thick hair can have frizzy hair days. The key is to lock out the humidity. Make sure to dry your hair completely before stepping outside. Even the slightest bit of damp hair will attract the moisture in the air and trap it inside the strands. Hair balms are a good way to lock in natural moisture while keeping humidity at bay. Because thick hair is sturdier, using a silicone-based balm won’t weigh it down, and will keep the frizz from forming.

Forget the frizz this summer. With these little tricks you’ll look and feel fantastic even in the worst summertime humidity.