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Basic DIY Makeup Tips to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Posted by FE on 3/26/2015 to Beauty Tips

Perhaps you're having your graduation picture taken in school today. Or maybe you have a scheduled professional photoshoot at work which will be used for marketing purposes of the company. It could also be that you're preparing for a DIY prenuptial photoshoot. For all these and other similar photoshoot sessions that you wish to get ready for, it's essential for you to have an idea about the basic makeup tips that will make you look a lot better on camera.

Prepping Your Skin

A few days before the photoshoot, you should already make use of a deep cleansing and deep moisturizing facial mask that will allow your face to seem fresher and revitalized during the actual shoot. What's more, right before applying the makeup, it's very important to put on moisturizer all over your face for a softening, refreshing effect.

Smoothening the Face

Naturally, you begin your DIY photoshoot makeup by covering up your face with the proper primer, foundation, and concealer. Make sure to pick high definition foundation that will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores. Of course you ought to carefully apply a good concealer under the eyes and on your blemishes and dark spots. Blend it well with the foundation in order to achieve a flawless look.

Highlighting the Cheeks

It's essential to apply the right amount and color of cheek tint or blush to make your face come alive and not seem so pale and dull. Remember that with a camera, your regular cheek makeup may be almost invisible. Hence, you need to ensure that you apply enough. What you can do is first put on a good base color that will give natural radiance, followed by a powder blush.

Accentuating the Eyes

The eyes play a major role in providing that dramatic look. It's certainly a must to accentuate the eyes in any picture, but don't go overboard with your smoky eye makeup. If you're not doing it for a fashion spread that requires dark eyes, it's a lot better to choose other hues you can balance well. Make sure to use matte eyeshadows which will not reflect badly on cam, unlike when you have shimmery ones. Also put eyeliner with only a slim line. And lastly, be sure to apply mascara that will make your lashes look fuller and longer.  

Puckering the Lips

Pucker your lips right with a nice lipstick shade that's not too dark or light and not too loud or dull. Before you apply the actual lipstick, you have to outline your lips with a lip liner of a neutral shade first. Afterward, you start dabbing the lipstick color in the center part and then spread slowly toward the sides across the entire lips.

Of course you will need great makeup supplies before you can apply these basic DIY tips on yourself. Take a look at the various brands we carry. From primers and concealers to lipsticks and cheek tints, there are tons to pick from and combine for the best makeup that will suit you best.