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A Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

Posted by FE on 2/14/2014
Whether you are applying eye shadow, smudging eyeliner, putting on lipstick or powdering your face, choosing the right brush with the right bristles is the first step, and using the right strokes is the second. Use this quick guide to makeup brushes to be sure you are using each brush for its intended purpose.

There are a variety of brushes that allow you to enhance your eyes. A pencil brush has short, stubby bristles that are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. Use the pencil brush's precision to expertly apply eye shadow to the lash line or crease of your eye. An angled brow brush features short bristles that are cut at an angle and used to apply cream, liquid or powder eye shadows. Use this brush to fill in eye shadow, as the angled tip creates a professional effect. The short shader brush can be identified by its very short, rounded bristles. Use this tool to smudge eyeliner along the lash line to create a perfect, smoky eye.
The lip brush is often recognizable by its metal cover, which protects the short, flat, firm bristles. Use this brush to apply lipstick or gloss with impeccable control. Alternatively, use the lip brush to expertly apply liquid eyeliner along your lash line.
A face brush stands out because it is thicker than eye or lip brushes. With long, full, circular bristles, the face brush is used to apply powder blush to the cheeks. Perfect for its lightweight application, the face brush can also be used to apply powder foundation.

Get the most from your makeup, and make your beauty routine easier, by using each brush for its intended purpose. Choose the brush sizes and bristle thicknesses that are suitable for the qualities of your face and skin. Make sure your face looks flawless by using quality makeup brushes and tools.