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6 Make Up Tricks to Make You Look Refreshed

Posted by FE Beauty on 12/3/2014 to Beauty Tips

Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc to a person's health in many ways, especially to the body's largest organ, the skin. Even one sleepless night can translate into one dull skin the morning after. But what if you've had far too many, especially when you are about to meet your date, give a report before a panel, appear for an interview, or simply look like you are not a walking zombie? Keep these make up tricks up your sleeves and you will never look like you are about to doze off just when you need to be fully awake (or appear to be).

Slather on thick moisturizer…

When you don't get the recommended amount of sleep, your skin is the first to show signs of stress. To hide the dullness, use thick moisturizer that will lock in water to make wrinkles and flakiness less obvious. Be sure to clean your face beforehand using cold water. The cold constricts blood vessels to give your face a more refreshed and toned look.

…but go light on foundation

Lack of sleep makes skin dull and sallow, a flaw you would want to avoid by not putting on heavy foundation.  Tinted moisturizer with SPF may work better, as it evens out blotchiness without creating a mask-like effect. For dark circles around the eyes, apply a second layer (of tinted moisturizer) or a dab of concealer. For really dark circles, apply the concealer in the shape of a triangle under the eyes, with one of the ends pointing downward to your cheeks.

Deflate lids…

Puffy eyelids are hard to hide when you obviously did not have enough sleep. To minimize that sleep-deprived look, use eye treatments that contain peptides and caffeine. Caffeine's diuretic effect will reduce puffiness, while the peptides are least irritating to the eyes. Put your eye treatments in the fridge first before using them as the coldness counters puffiness.

…and open your eyelashes wide

An eyelash curler is an indispensable tool, especially when you've had a terrible night's sleep. Long lashes that open wide are sometimes the only thing that perk up a sleep-deprived face. Get those curlers as close to the lashline as possible, give them a 10-second squeeze, and go over the outer lashes one more time. Then apply two coats of mascara, lengthening your eyelashes by applying a bit more in the center of your eyelashes above the eyeballs.

Use the right blush

Peach cream blushes produce better results than pink shades. This is because peach tones brighten the skin without calling attention to dark undereye rings. As to cream formulas, they make your cheek look dewy.

Contour carefully

You don't want to define a puffy face, so sweep foundation or powder bronzer directly beneath your cheekbones. Use powder or foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone.  Also apply powder along the jawline and your temples. Then blend until the color almost disappears.

It's amazing what you can accomplish with the right set of cosmetic products and tools. (Make up artists are not called artists for nothing.) If there is one time you need to wave that beauty wand, the morning after not getting enough sleep is it.