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5 Tips for Packing Makeup for Traveling

Posted by FE Beauty on 4/10/2015 to General

Unless you want to go full-on backpacker and go grungy, you probably need an army of cosmetics to help you look great in pictures and in person. Depending on how long you will be away, your beauty pouch may end up a carry-on on its own, or just a teeny afterthought if you have plenty of ‘multi-taskers’ you can bring without missing out on looking great. To help you keep your bags within limit, below are five tips you may want to keep in mind the next time you pack for your trip.

Bring products that can multi-task

As with packing clothes, bring only makeup items that can do double duty.  Try if you can use the same concealer for dark circles under your eyes for blemishes. This multi-tasking in makeup also works for combo palettes as often, working around a handful of shades create different looks. Ditto for blush that doubles as highlighter. Unlike the traditional flat blush, this beauty wand has depth and dimension so you can also use it for contouring.

Keep similar items in one (small) bag

This is where packing using smaller bags comes in handy. In your rush to pack, don't forget to separate your toothbrush from your makeup, or your moisturizer from your shampoo. Putting together like items in one pouch also allows you to arrange them in your carry-on luggage in such a way that the ones you are likely to use upon arrival is within easy reach.

Consider carrying non-liquid cosmetics

You can carry liquid cosmetics with you for sure, but apart from FAA's 3-1-1 liquid rule that you have to follow, there's also the inconvenience of having to deal with spillage if your cosmetic containers break. That's not highly unlikely, considering how rough luggage can be handled by porters. Liquids also present a potential danger of explosion. The theory works in the same way that ears pop in the airplane due to a change in pressure. As changes in air pressure can cause changes in the air trapped inside sealed bottles, you may want to squeeze excess air from your bottles to minimize putting everyone at risk. 

Pack your makeup in few small bags

It makes sense to pack all of your beauty accoutrement in one big bag.  But if you are going carry-on all the way, it might help to divvy up your supplies into many but smaller cosmetic bags so you can easily slip them into tiny spaces in your luggage instead of the big makeup bag taking a huge front and center space in your luggage. 

Cushion fragile items with tees, sweatshirts, socks and similar clothing

Even though you are putting them on carry-on luggage, cosmetics can easily crumble (and mirrors easily break) when dropped, so packing them in the middle of your suitcase where the rest of your clothes provide buffer would help. Just make sure, however, that the one you will use while in flight and upon arrival is already within reach.