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3 Must-Try Make-Up Trends for a Fabulous Summer Season

Posted by FE on 5/28/2014

Summer season is fast approaching and it’s about time that we hand out our favorite makeup trends that are suitable for the scorching hot season ahead. It’s the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and be a bit more daring with your look without going over the top. Here are some of our must-try suggestions and the products that you can use to pull them off:


Winged Eyeliner – The cat-eye look is one of the biggest makeup trends to erupt this year and with its seductively feminine allure, it’s really no surprise why a lot of women have jumped in on this bandwagon of a trend. This makeup style brings back that femme fatale vibe during the 40's and 50's with that sensual yet striking upward stroke on the side of the eyes. Your best tools in pulling this off would be eyeliner and a steady hand. Liquid eyeliners are preferable, but even pencil ones will do. Check out our line of eyeliners by MAC and practice your way to a perfect set of winged eyeliners.


Orange Lips – Hate ‘em or like ‘em, orange lips are the biggest trend in lipsticks nowadays. And if that’s not bright enough for you, you can take the leap and go straight for neon orange tones that would look great with simple and natural-looking makeup. MAC is known for their line of orange lipsticks and you can check out our collection to see which shade would suit you best.


Bronze Skin – Get into the summer vibe by donning a sweet sun-kissed look. If you’re among those who don’t want that much color or drama on their face, you can go for a bronzing powder for a natural shimmery look as though you’ve gotten yourself a tan that’s just right for your skin. MAC, Estee Lauder, and Diorskin are great brands to go to with for bronze powders and makeup. The key is to find the right shade that will go with your current shade in order to still look effortlessly bronzed and not too orangey.